About Us


THE CKSports Story: CKSports was created in 2016 to fully serve very passionate crazed sport fans known as tailgaters. We here at CKSports work very hard to deliver a satisfactory personal experience full of excitement that is reflected through our patented designs. We understand that "Trophies Don't Do It"!!  So we created our "Jughead Football Helmet Coolers on Wheels" to tell your story of your team through personalization by depicting your team colors, logos and mascots.


Our products are designed to touch the emotional side of old friends, teammates, and alumni reuniting in passionate spirited conversation in a tailgate setting about their teams current success or old memories from days past. 

How we got our start!   
From Idea to Reality!   


In elementary school at Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia., there was an invention fair that I participated in at the school. The invention that I created at the time was the rolling book bag. My father told me that he was going to get it patented, but never did. Once I graduated from high school, 6 years later, a new product hit the market and took off. Low and behold it was my brain child, the rolling book bag.


This prompted me to think of a new product that would be a sensational hit in the market. I was sitting around trying to figure out how I could leave my mark on this world. I started to think about how much I loved sports.  As a die heart sports fan, I imagine how great it would be to be able to have something that represents the sport I love as well as my favorite team. I know how fun tailgating is for sports fans.  Tailgating allow for all sports fans to show their passion for their favorite sports teams. From that realization, the idea of the Jughead coolers and grills came into full circle. The perfect products for the true sports fanatics.