Visionary Designer -
Chris Loving


Chris is one of those people that we all know that can
shut his eyes put his brain into motion and come up with a great idea or product. This was discovered when he was in the 6th grade at Woodward Academy located in College Park, Georgia.

He participated in an invention show in which he created a rolling book bag on wheels. Fast forwarding 6 years later; he came up with 6 different ideas that he later patented beginning with the first one “Football Helmet Shaped Cooler-Carrier on May 23, 2006; all targeted to crazed sports fans described as tailgaters. This design took countless hours and a lot of research to find the right manufacturer to produce a one of a kind cooler that is rotomolded, designed to depict any team, business, etc. through personalization. Chris cooler known as the “Jughead Cooler” participated on the TV show American Inventors before there was a Shark Tank and made it to the final round on concept along. Chris is currently working with others to develop new and exciting products designed for sports fanatics and people who truly love sports.


Head Coach
Charles Loving 



Charles could be described as a Coach who played all
sports as a kid a was good enough to earn a full scholarship in basketball, first to Brunswick Junior College and then to Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio. His understanding and love of sports makes him the perfect person to oversee the Jughead Coolers and other patent products that will be launched by CKSports.


Charles is a graduate of Cleveland State University with a degree in Urban Studies. He attended John Marshall Law School, received certification for marketing and manufacturing from the University of Georgia Outreach Services Export 2000, was mentored by Sara Lee/PYA Monarch when he was the president of operations for SCI Services which produced energy and sports drinks as a co-packer.


Charles has a long history of experience in business development, planning and business startups. His most recent accomplishment was to find the right manufacturer located in the USA for the Jughead Cooler project. Mr. Loving personally has owned and controlled four different businesses over the past 35 years with his most successful business that of food management that covered 4 states with as many as 452 employees. He is committed to staying the course and is avid when comes to carrying out areas of responsibility.



Head of Manufacturing
Tom Innis


Tom is President of Avantech, a Baxter, Minnesota- based integrated solutions provider for the global plastics industry and manufacturing partner of CKSports, LLC and the Jughead Cooler product line. Mr. Innis began his career in the manufacturing
sector in 1996.

Throughout his career, Tom has held a variety of leadership and executive-level positions in which he has leveraged marketing & sales, international business, manufacturing systems, personnel development, multi-language and cultural stewardship skills and experience to help drive organizations and industries forward.

In leading teams, departments, divisions, and corporations, Mr. Innis has been directly involved in mergers and acquisitions and in establishing new and sustainable markets within a variety of
industry sectors. His versatile skill set, ability to optimize organizational collaboration and transformative mindset have facilitated growth and results on a global scale.   

Director of Operations
Kosena Dawson


Kosena has operated in the capacity of Office Manager/

Administrator overseeing practices, human resources issues, and day-to-day operations of the companies that were owned by Charles Loving. She has supervised as many as 20 employees,
was responsible for payroll of over 452 employees. She is a true team player and can adopt to any system management style.


General Manager
Lytesha Williams


LyTesha is a graduate of Troy University, with degrees in Business Management and Human Resource Management. LyTesha has over fifteen years of experience in hands-on- management, with an extensive collection and sales background.  LyTesha possesses a valuable blending of creativity and analytical abilities that combine efficiency with imagination to produce bottom-line results.


Graphic Designer & Fabricator
Enzo Centofanti


Enzo is an accomplished designer and fabricator. He s experienced in space planning, personalization, development, 

logistics/operations, has significant experience in architectural and interior design, fine art, electronic graphics and fabrication in a variety of media.